Tamil School Donation

As education is the backbone of every society and an important foundation, Smart Trends International is exercising its corporate social responsibility in an authentic and meaningful way through the “Adopt a Child” initiative.

By providing for the less fortunate students in Tamil schools in the region, Group Chairman Dato Dr Emmanuel Benson is determined to resolve the issues plagued by these students by contributing towards their welfare with the hope of developing a sustainable society.

Dr Benson’s clear and altruistic spirit of wanting to make a difference in these children’s lives shows his commitment in playing a big role to improving the quality of education for these children.

Students Gets New School Kits, Thanks to EB Foundation

Persatuan Bekas Pelajar SJK(T) Lorong Jawa (PBPLJ) in collaboration with EB Foundation recently donated new school kits to 75 underprivileged students of Lorong Jawa Tamil school in Seremban.  Each  student got a brand-new school bag, uniform and a pair of BATA school shoes.

PBPLJ had initiated Project Adik  Angkat in 2017 and this is their first outreach progamme for 2018.  Their primary focus is to ensure underprivileged students did not drop out of the system due to socio economic reasons.

Siveram Marthammuthu President of PBPLJ, in his speech during the presentation thanked Dato Dr Emmanuel Benson, Chairman of EB Foundation for the donation, who had volunteered to lend a helping hand to the school.

“We mutually identified the need to provide new schools kits and EB Foundation donated the items in time for the upcoming school term” added Dato Benson.

The school claims the distinction of been the oldest Tamil school in Malaysia, having started in 1897, and counts badminton great Dato Punch Gunalan as one of their former students.  It currently has a student population of 880.

Dato Dr Emmanuel Benson, flanked by PBPLJ
Headmaster Mr Nagaretnam A/L Muthayan

EB Foundation Chairman Dato Dr Emmanuel Benson